CAM Heads — collage made by: Bengüsu Cebeci

Technology which can be applied to daily life or in general changed our mind in terms of social-cultural, living, and thinking norms. In an automated era in which you have incredible computational power together with the social media-internet combo, we can “escape” from reality or create our fictional one. These new realities are created by computers and algorithms and mostly virtually happening in the technosphere which is simply the new layer on top of the physical earth. Today virtual world is more and more emerging with the physical one and it changes our way of thinking. Being able to generate/render ‘things’ instantly and infinite layers of (fictional) new environments changed how we produce and demonstrate our ideas. Past fiction is now becoming a new reality. Future in our head is happening now. Examining this type of virtual culture is a clever way to future automation when we think about the fact that nowadays everything’s being built around the internet society and pop culture. In the context of today’s technologically well-equipped & automated world, the physical spaces where we live and communicate (our cities & architecture) are no longer the only layer that belongs to these actions. These physical spaces are going to be changed dramatically or at least the perception of them will change.

Welcome to the NEW ERA. — collage made by: Bengüsu Cebeci

Reality is subjective. It is most likely a simulation that includes many simulations. What defines reality is a two-way relationship between the perceiver and the perceived. Does something need to be physical to be ‘there’? The boundaries between reality and fiction continue to change and become more blurry with every day. Everything we know about perception & communication has changed.

Automation was all about ‘fast’ & ‘mass’ production of things. The whole concept introduced or more emerged with the ideas like prefabrication, customization, pre-defined lifestyles. Computers have created a more individualistic world view in this generation by putting the person in the center of the world with a reflecting black mirror opens up a place of abundance & possibilities. This fast and omnipotent layer made ridiculously easier what automation ever wanted. Now we have the power to make fiction real, to create what was impossible to mimic, or to create the creator itself.

To give an example, popular companies & brands today try to give the illusion about feeling special to the people for tactical reasons. In IKEA you can get the opportunity to create your furniture and customize your stuff. When you go to Starbucks you get the same coffee as everyone does but it has your name on it. So, we feel like we get a special treat but since we are an automated society ourselves now we all want the same thing. Our taste and lifestyle have also been automated. Society reflects an automation control system within by this way. Integrating the two layers of living space will result in the creation of a new type of city/architecture. Understanding other aspects of automation is crucial for describing what is the architecture of the automation era or what it will be in the post-automated era?

M.Arch student at KU Leuven. Part-time photorapher (ig:pe.polyethylene), full time dreamer. Mostly poetry, sometimes thoughts on stuff.